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Alex van der Linden

Replacement of RTI systems for KPN Mobile

February 2012 to July 2013

Due to EU regulations, mobile operators are required to send Roaming Tariff Information (RTI) messages – the text messages that customers receive when crossing international borders. Replacement of KPN’s RTI systems was a complex project, not in the least because KPN chose to replace the RTI systems of both its KPN and Telfort networks by a single new solution interfacing to both networks. This considerably increased technical complexity. Also, regulation requirements changed during the course of the project. Finally, two major programmes within KPN were dependent on the RTI replacement project, which caused serious time pressure.

When I took over the project, there was no clear approach or planning, and the project was with its back against the wall due to external pressure from regulation and the two programmes. Also, and partly due to this situation, the relationship with the supplier was in very bad shape. Despite the time pressure, I reserved time during the build-up phase to formulate requirements, and I invested strongly in team relationships within KPN and with the supplier. This approach paved the way to find solutions for the dependencies between the project and the two programmes, and allowed the project to still deliver in time and within budget.

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