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Project & Interim Management

Alex van der Linden

Project manager NS for Nomad Digital

December 2016 to March 2017

Up until 2022 NS is considerably expanding its fleets and also runs various modernisation programmes for its existing fleet of around 360 intercity trains. For travel information (e.g. real-time itinerary details in coaches and passenger Wi-Fi) NS has a partnership with Nomad Digital, a niche player which offers such services to train operators worldwide.
Nomad had a contractual agreement with NS to upgrade hardware and software on the intercity fleet by 2016, allowing NS to subsequently roll out new travel information software. Due to various setbacks the Nomad project had come to a standstill by the end of 2016 without a clear plan as to how get the project back on track. This led to growing tension between Nomad and NS.
I re-activated the project in the first quarter of 2017, introduced a much more hands-on project approach and reshaped the governance and communication between Nomad and NS. I managed to complete all preparations and decision making for the project within two months after which operational implementation was ready to start as of April 2017.

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