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Project & Interim Management

Alex van der Linden

Herman Sieses - Project Manager KPN Epacity

August 2003

“For me as a customer Alex’ primary characteristic is that you can rely on him. In various, often widely diverse projects under tight time constraints I have called on Alex for just this reason. Apart from the fact that he can really sink his teeth into an assignment, he also interprets his role as consultant very well. Having made a clear analysis, he would first suggest to me that there may be other, better ways to solve a particular problem.
Once in agreement with his assignment Alex structurally engages all stakeholders in making a plan and a planning. In doing so I have often noticed that Alex has a feel for dealing with people and possible political agendas. He incorporates this well in his manner of communicating, making his work extremely effective.

As soon as the plan and planning are agreed upon, Alex is very capable of managing the project with a high rate of predictability. Risks are actively dealt with, often very tight time schedules are met, and both project members and stakeholders are satisfied with the results attained. As a customer I am also satisfied, not in the least because Alex has successfully coached a number of relatively young and inexperienced project members such that they have grown considerably in the course of these projects. This has contributed to their capability to now independently continue Alex’s work.”

Project Manager for scoping and process development for nationwide IP infrastructure KPN
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