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Project & Interim Management

Alex van der Linden

Pim de Groot - KPN Director Utilities

September 2015

Alex has played a major role in keeping the CDMA project on track, while nonetheless supporting and enabling all customer requests during the building phase. Due to his professional planning methodology the project was controllable and predictable. In my role as customer and project principal this allowed me to advance the interests of all parties involved. Because Alex is a good communicator, and able to present clear project overviews, there was never any discussion about the actual status of the project. This enabled us to agree actions and next steps right away, without any discussion about the real state of affairs. This allowed us to keep the project at fast-paced progress.

Alex also shows a great deal of attention for the emotions and interests of the project team members. This has led to a very successful project at which all parties look back with satisfaction.

Thanks again for the good teamwork!