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Project & Interim Management

Alex van der Linden

Azeddine Benchellal - KPN Business Director Aviation, Transport and Ports

February 2008

“Alex is a very experienced and passionate project manager. I have experienced him to be a professional who plans and structures his work thoroughly. One of his important strengths is that he is consistently able to mobilise the right people in order to ensure progress. In case of complications or setbacks he keeps his team calm and collected, and manages to motivate his team to still accomplish success. Alex is dependable and he always delivers on a promise.

Alex has project managed a large and complex project (LCA: LAN Connect Advanced) at Schiphol Airport. He successfully accomplished a project turnaround and realised the migration of around 18.000 KLM workstations to this new and advanced network. Despite the complexities of both the KLM and KPN organisations, Alex understood how to create effective working relationships with both KLM and the internal KPN organisation. Alex has an eye for the emotions in his team and in his relationship with the customer. He understands how he can mobilise the right people at the right time and with the right approach, and in this way delivers results for all stakeholders involved.”

Implementation of a new data network for KLM Schiphol
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