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Project & Interim Management

Alex van der Linden

Structure and clarity

I have a reputation for being able to create structure and clarity in complex projects. I have an analytical mind, and I am well able to express myself clearly and concisely.

I have a thorough command of current models and techniques for project management (Agile, Prince2), project planning (PERT) and process development (for example ITIL and eTOM), and I have the experience and expertise to translate them to the practice of my customers. In this way I use these models as tangible steppingstones to structure ideas and solutions.

Particularly for large projects I find it important to use a crystal clear and fairly strict project methodology. I am Prince2 accredited and I like to use this method as a basis because it serves as a structured checklist for virtually all aspects of a project.

For every project I create a structured interactions diagram on the basis of which I set up communications with all parties directly or indirectly involved. This way I make sure that people are supplied with relevant information. By establishing relationships in an early stage I lay the foundation for productive co-operation with all people involved, even if their roles occur in future project phases.

Due to my structured approach I can ensure that the status of my assignment is transparent, and that my client is permanently in control of all aspects of the project.