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Project & Interim Management

Alex van der Linden

Hands-on approach

I am a project manager who realises concrete projects: someone who leads and manages an assignment from the initial specification and start-up through to the realisation and hand-over to the line organisation. I don’t stop after submitting the report, but stay until the work is done.

As I commit myself to their realisation, I will make sure that my recommendations and plans are achievable! Therefore, I will supply you with a feasible project plan; one that is supported by the project members who have to do the actual work, and one without bottomless budgets or utopian goals.

Due to my extensive managerial experience I am able to work and communicate with people on all levels and in all disciplines. I am used to performing at policy making level, and at the same time enjoy talking to an engineer about his work for the project. I do not keep my distance as the “external consultant” who just hands out the deadlines, but instead regard myself as a temporary colleague looking after the best interests of my client and of the project members whom have been entrusted to me.

As a result clients regularly ask me to interact with their own customers and suppliers on their behalf, and I am often given responsibility for aspects of people management for the staff involved in the project. In this way project management and interim management tend to overlap.

By temporarily becoming part of your team I can ensure that the project is supported by your employees, and that its results will fall perfectly in place in your organisation. In doing so, I will transfer knowledge and coach your people wherever possible.