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Project & Interim Management

Alex van der Linden


My line management positions and my projects have mostly centred on questions relating to the boundary between an organisation and its customers. With this experience I am quite capable of viewing your company through the eyes of your customers – from the outside in. Because I also have ample experience with the underlying business processes and activities I am able to translate your customers’ demands to the actions required to meet them.

I am not specialised in a particular field, such as IT or marketing, but I am good at bringing together and organising the relationships between technology, communication, marketing, processes and human resources. This way I help you translate your customers’ demands into requirements for processes and projects, and then make them happen.

I am able to manage complex and difficult projects effectively, and I have broad people management experience ranging from leading small teams of professionals to managing hundreds of employees spread out over different locations.

In my projects and line management positions I have gained a great deal of experience with change management. A consequence of my involvement with fundamental changes in large organisations is that I have had extensive dealings with trade unions and workers’ councils, and have learned how to deal with sensitive issues and conflicting interests.

The following gives a short summary of typical responsibilities I have met in different jobs. Elsewhere on this site you will find detailed descriptions of example projects, and in my CV under employment summary you will find an overview of my positions.